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Experience Luxury and Safety with Fly Jet Safe

Exploring Your Options

Discover the perfect jet for your travel needs with FlyJetSafe. Whether you're flying regionally or internationally, our diverse fleet ensures comfort, efficiency, and luxury tailored to your journey. Choose from our light, medium, and heavy jets to experience unparalleled service and convenience.

SF50 Front Left in Hangar_edited_edited.


Elevating Safety and Comfort to New Heights

Light jets are designed for quick, efficient travel, boasting
impressive speeds and the ability to operate from shorter runways. This allows for greater flexibility and access to more airports, bringing you closer to your final destination. With cruising speeds averaging around 400 knots and ranges up to 2,000 nautical miles, light jets are perfect for regional travel.



Experience Luxury and Efficiency

Medium jets are designed to
cover longer distances without
the need for frequent refueling stops. With ranges typically between 2,000 and 4,000 nautical miles and cruising speeds around 450-500 knots, these aircraft are perfect for cross-country and
transcontinental flights.
Reach your destination faster
and more efficiently with our
medium jet options.



Unparalleled Power and Prestige

Heavy jets are engineered for long-range flights, capable of covering distances up to 6,000 nautical miles or more without the need for refueling. With cruising speeds around 500-600 knots, these aircraft are ideal for international travel, allowing you to reach your
destination quickly and efficiently.


Services designed to meet the needs of our clients.

At Fly Jet Safe, we offer a comprehensive range of private aviation services designed to ensure your travel experience is seamless, luxurious, and secure.

Jet Charter

JetSafe greatly expands your options for destinations throughout the Continental United States. Airlines can only access around 500 airports across the US, whereas JetSafe aircraft can safely access and utilize nearly 5000 airports, greatly reducing the time and distance for you to reach your destination.  AND PETS ARE WELCOME! 

Logistics and Cargo

JetSafe can provide specialized non-hazardous cargo services within the Continental United States under normal or emergency scheduled situations.  Pressurized, climate controlled, and unpressurized options are available. 

Aircraft Management

At JetSafe we can provide you with a comprehensive suite of aircraft management services designed to maximize the value and utilization of your aircraft asset while minimizing operational complexities.

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