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Emission Neutral Air Charter

Why Choose JetSafe?

We are deeply committed to maximizing your peace of mind during travel.

Two factors set us apart from the rest to enhance your safety and comfort in flight:

1) The Aircraft

JetSafe utilizes the only aircraft in the industry equipped with an emergency parachute system. Our aircraft are also equipped with unique Autonomous features such as Emergency Descent Mode (EDM) to allow a pilot and passengers to safely recover from a loss of oxygen and cabin pressure.

2) The Pilots

JetSafe pilots are highly experienced seasoned aviators that have logged thousands of flight hours and far exceed minimum standards of the FAA and charter industry. They are also extensively trained in aviation meteorology to provide you with the most comfortable flight to avoid hazardous weather and minimize turbulence encounters.

Our Services

Services designed to meet the needs of our clients.

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Your Next Flight

Our flights are completely and verifiably operated as emissions neutral.  Our CO2, NOx, and Contrail emissions are offset by JetSafe commitments to renewable energy programs. 

Common Destinations:

West Palm Beach, Asheville, Charlotte, Charleston, Chicago, Detroit, DC, Nashville, Naples, New York, Orlando.

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